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Welcome to Lucina Therapy Vancouver

Complete Therapy in Many Areas and More

The name lucina means birth goddess, she who brings the children to the light, and is also another name for juno, the goddess of marriage and union. As I am mostly focused on women, their love life and I support creative creations of women, this name seemed to suit the business. In the future I might also add services geared towards fertility and birth. For now I also give fertility and pregnancy massage, and for the creative part of women I do art therapy.



A Little About Me

My name is Shehnaaz. I grew up in The Hague, the Netherlands. As I grew up I was always interested in the holistic view about medicine and therapy. I feel there needs to be a change in the current ways we treat people and diseases. Most diseases are a symptom of disbalance in the body. When you look at the whole picture, there are much more points where the person is out of balance, and the disease is just a reflection of what else might be out of balance. This can be the way you think, your food, exercise, happiness in life, satisfaction, personality or simply uncontrollable factors like genetics or circumstances. I look at the whole of someone, the circumstances, the body, the mind, the life activity of that person and how it all fits together. I’m especially interested in the female mental and emotional functioning, because I wanted to specialize so I can focus.

  • Highest professionalism with lots of empowerment and creativity
  • Studied psychology and interested in spiritual development
  • Supporting women in their journey towards a fulfilling life

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Lucina Therapy - Relax Your Body & Soul

I finished a masters degree in psychology and followed courses in the direction of alternative therapy and holism. I have a holistic view in life, and I feel everything is connected. I also believe in the things I do, and I want to help people who are in a difficult situation, which is why also a part of the earnings go to good causes geared towards improving the lives of the less fortunate. For those reasons I started this business.

Next to general counseling therapy and psychological therapy, I use different therapy forms, like for example hypnotherapy. Also I can use astrology, tarot or palmistry if people want to know some things from a more mystical perspective. The holistic part of therapy exists out of food advice and massage. The creative therapy can exist out of voice practice, drawing, dance.


Lucina Therapy - Relax Your Body & Soul

  • Holistic Massages Covering Variety of Areas
  • General Counseling Therapy and Psychological Therapy
  • Spiritual Healing Together with Astrology, Tarot or Palmistry
  • Rational Emotive Therapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Creative Therapy with Voice Practice, Drawing, Dance
  • Presenting Advice with Photography, Make up and Style Advices
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Female sexuality is an important part of a woman’s life

You should not neglect it! It is part of who you are as a woman, your force and your creativity. You should nurture it and grow with it. Invest in your sexual development. I can help you in finding your inner bliss through Tantra exercises and sexual and sensual techniques.



Spa & Wellness for Life


Body, Soul and Mind

Massage is a holistic and healthy way of healing and nurturing the body and energy flow of the body. If you want to have a nurturing relaxing massage you are at the right place.

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Best of Life

Create the ambiance where you want to live, how you want to live and make your place as pleasant as possible, because it makes you feel better and more productive.

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Love in Life

Forming relationships and bonding is a natural need of human beings, as we need to feel connected. The feeling of love and connecting to the universe is fulfilling and rewarding.

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