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-The services on this page of the website are still under construction. I’m still searching for a facility (a room that can function as a photo studio in Vancouver Centre) to put these services into practice. If you have the golden tip, you can get a free photo shoot of your choice-

I do day, bridal and evening make up. You can also combine the make up with clothing style and photography, depending what you want. I can also advise photography for building a portfolio as a model or for experimenting with different styles, or to find a nice and fitted presenting identity. It can be purposeful with the search for a job, a profile, a single profile for internet dating, or for yourself as a creative expression. I’m open for all kinds of female photography, also on location, if it is reachable by bus or train.

I found out that women in general like photography and beautiful pictures of themselves, so it is a good thing to have nice photo’s for yourself or to show your (boy)friend(s). If you would like to experiment with a different style of make up we can also look which colors would look nice on you. We can also make a total picture with your clothing and make up.

Photo Shoots - Lucina Therapy

I do all kinds of photo shoots


Different to other agencies is that with me you get all the photo’s unretouched anyway, and you can choose the photo’s you want to be retouched and delivered digitally in small size for an extra price. It is handy to bring your own USB stick so I immediately can put the photo’s on the stick. Most of the time I make more than 100 photo’s, unless it is portrait photography.

Extra retouching in small computer size: 5 euro (7 CAD)

I will take my time for the photoshoot and it can take from 1 to 3 hours exclusive make up. With make up you can add 1 hour.

Make Ups

Let me make you beautiful

If you want you can bring your own make up (eg. eye pencil, lip liner), for extra hygiene. Off course I sharpen the pencil before use, but if you want I can also use your pencil.

For an eastern or middle eastern or fantasy look, we can also go for different little henna tattoos. I usually make small simple henna tattoos. This can just add up to the look. If you would want any, it will stay for around 1 week on your skin. There is no allergy for henna, as I only use the natural henna. You can also do more henna tattoos on different body parts, but every henna design is separately made.

If you have any special wish or idea I can always look what is possible! I’m open for creative ideas and suggestions.