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Welcome to Spritual Healings and Practice

Spirituality beyond Practice


Life is like a game of chess. To win you have to make a move. Knowing which move to make comes with IN-SIGHT and knowledge, and by learning the lessons that are acculated along the way


There is still a lot of mystery through the use of spiritual classical methods for more insight in the mysteries of life. During my long search into all kinds of spiritual methods, I have discovered a lot of interesting areas and I got intrigued by the deep and meaningful knowledge that hides within the mystical traditions.
If you are interested in a consult to get more guidance into your choices in life to take a certain direction, then you can contact me. I have experience in different methods, most of it is modern psychological astrology. I also have experience with tarot and palmistry. Due to my deep understanding of theses spiritual methods, I can possibly help you make the right decision for your life. I’m also educated as a counselor so I know my boundaries and I will not do unethical assumptions or predictions. I believe in a free will, so every individual is allowed and can decide according to the tools that are given, to give their life a meaningful outcome.

Palmistry & Tarot

Characterization & Foretelling

For more accuracy I advise to combine palmistry and/or tarot with an astrology consult. Astrology gives a lot of clues as to how events develop, how you develop, what you attract and how it manifests in your life. Also things will fall more into perspective with a combination of a consult. All types of consults can be done separately or after each other.

Tarot is the ancient way of asking guidance based on synchronicity. When you take cards, the cards that are the most relevant will pop up out of the deck in a certain order, depending on the type of question you asked. To get some guidance about a certain situation, work, relationships, love, life choices, you can ask the cards to help you make a decision.

It is interesting to know what is written in your hands. Both hands have a story to tell, about your past, your current situation and partly your future (if you don’t change anything about your situation). Palmistry is used to understand your inner workings, your temperament, your general direction in life and your emotional life. It is a map of your life, written by you in your hands.

Personal Reading Astrology

Foretelling Your Future

Here you can ask one first question and we can see from that question what the horoscope has to say about that situation, what the solution can be or which choice is best made. Questions you can ask are for example:-Which type of man/woman fits with me?-Where lies my talent? -What kind of hobby fits me? -What is my appearance, how do I come across? -What are my capacities I got from birth according to my horoscope? -What is my…

If you want to know more about a certain specific area in your life or you have more questions about one specific area in your life, this might be the right option for you. This can be interesting if you come across the same type of problems over and over again or if you have a hard time making a decision in that specific life area. This can be love, relationships, character, or choosing a study/career.  

If you have any questions regarding work, relationships, being single, hobbies, career choice, talents, creativity, communication or appearance, this can be the right type of consult. We will look at your personal horoscope to get a clear idea of what direction you can take your life to. First we start with some basic questions, and as the consult is going we come across different life areas that might be useful to look at. It is not a prediction of the…

Personal birth chart consults can be relevant in the areas of: relationship, work, love, single life, goals, aims and joys of life, life direction, character, communication, and any other area of your life.

Reading for (potential) Lovers or Relationships Between People

Find Your Love.


-Reading relationship horoscope, chemistry between two people (synastry), for (potential) lovers, 30 min: $70 (without birth time of both partners)

If you don’t know your lovers birth time, we can still do some analysis of the relationship. However it is going to be a bit more general than if you would know the birth time. It is going to be more specific than just sun sign however, so you can make an estimation if you two would fit together. This is an option for people who are potential lovers where not both birth times can be acquired, or for a potential lover that you can not ask directly their birth time to. I would however strongly recommend if the relationship does take place in a later stadium to do ask the birth time also, to do a full analysis, because you can get much more insight into the relationship that way.


-Reading relationship horoscope, chemistry between two people (synastry), including simple print of two little birth charts of both partners, 60 min: $140

During this reading there is talked about important traits of both partners and the dynamics in a relationship. This can be a beginning for a longer traject, but it doesn’t have to be. If you want to get the maximum out of your first reading, you can write down some questions upfront and mail them, so I can focus on those themes. Possibly a reading can take up easily much longer than 60 minutes, so you can think of a next consult or an extended consult, but we can also decide that during or after the first reading. If I have another appointment afterwards immediately, we will stick to the 60 min guideline. The extended consult can take up to 90 min, and costs $100


-Reading relationship horoscope, how will the relationship develop in a few years, including a simple print of a personal composite horoscope, 60 min: $105

The composite horoscope can only be done after the synastry relationship reading, because it is important to look at a relationship from the beginning, and analyze the first dynamics and patterns before we can make any ideas about the future of a relationship.

Personal data needed for a good reading:

  • Birth date
  • Birth place
  • Birth time (if you don’t know the birth time of your (potential) lover, we can work around this, as it is a common thing that people don’t know it or don’t have the opportunity yet to ask)
  • If necessary, also permission of people involved, not everyone has to be in the room during the consult, also not in a relationship consult
  • General personal data for the print: Name, Gender


If you rather have an extended print of your personal birth chart, then this is also possible.

If you want a special design as a birth chart, or for someone else (as a gift, for a baby, a friend, a loved one or family member etc), that is also possible. The price is dependent on the design, but a standard artistic design is $45.  For a more complex and unique design prices are between $55 and $140 euro. In principle everything can be changed and edited according to design, colors, type, you can even personalize it with a personal message and/or photo.

An extended print can also be combined with a special design. This is tailor made work, so you can contact me if you’re interested in this.

Design and extension is possible for all kinds of horoscopes, birth charts, synastry/composite relation horoscope, solars (year prediction horoscope).


Extra Service: Vedic Astrology Session

If you are interested in a spiritual dimension and layer under your mundane horoscope, you might be interested in a vedic astrology consult. This astrology goes underneath the surface of your current horoscope and looks at subconscious dynamics in your life. With the vedic astrology you can also look at your career and married life separately as if a new entity. If you wish to look at career or married life separately, it will take 30 min extra for $45 on top of the standard consult of your birth chart. It is an additive, so you have to first look at the main chart, and from there on look at the divisional chart, career (dasamsa) or married life (navamsa). This service is only possible with a birth date, birth time and birthplace of the person.

Extra service: Vedic astrology session – 60 min: $135 


Dream Analysis

The power of dreams has always been fascinated by people over time. In the early ages people used to believe that dreams have a predicting quality in them, or that dreams are messages from the God(s). However, nowadays we use dreams to analyze our waking state better. Research has shown that the analysis of dreams can help tremendously in recovering from psychological problems, situations or even trauma’s, by understanding the hidden subconscious meaning behind it. Especially dreams after trauma can show that trauma is still not processed and integrated in a persons life. Some recurring dreams might also have a significant meaning. Some people remember dreams, others don’t.

If you are interested in your dreamworld, certain dreams/nightmares you have, or the meaning behind reoccurring dreams, you can contact me, and we can make a consult about the possible meaning(s) of your dream. You can also send your dream in writing and I can analyze the possible meaning for you, using researched methods of dream symbolism. However, a life consult might be better, as through talking we can find out the meaning together, by delving into the subconscious and relevant psychological patterns that might connect to that dream.

Live Dream consult – $100 for 60 min

Written Dream through email – $60