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Terms and Conditions for Counseling

  • Everything is confidential and stays confidential. I also allow that you can use a pseudonym if you wish to stay completely anonymous for a certain reason that you do have to say, so I can understand it. If you use a pseudonym it is however your own responsibility to tell someone if something is up, as people or companies  that want to help might need your real name.
  • If I have to refer you to any other person/company, it is your responsibility to contact them with your story. I will not mingle within the conversation you have with the other person/company. I can only advise you to visit a certain person/company during the consult.
  • If you choose for coaching/counseling it is useful to make the homework and to have an active attitude towards your process. This leads to better end results and shows the effectivity of the counseling sessions.
  • I don’t treat disorders, I can however work together with other specialists and give you support during your regular treatment. It doesn’t mean you should skip your regular doctors or psychiatrist appointments.
  • I don’t give disorder diagnosis, however I can refer you to a psychiatrist if I think it is necessary. It is however your own responsibility to contact the person/company I refer you to.

Holistic Treatments:

Terms and Conditions for Holistic Treatments:

  • I am not a doctor and cannot do such diagnosis that will be excluding professional medical treatment. I can support existing treatment but I am not a replacement for such if doctors advise to take medication or medical care.
  • Mostly I work from a preventive and healthy point of view with minor common complaints. I don’t work with severe cases.
  • It is your responsibility to tell me that you have a certain condition during the intake or when I ask about it. This means that a certain treatment might not be suitable for you.
  • Massages are not given to women who are within 0-3 months pregnant, also not the pregnancy massage, because it might happen that it can lead to miscarriage. Every massage therapist does this for preventing miscarriage.
  • Massages are not given if you have:
    1. Heart Complaints
    2. Use Medication with a Yellow Sticker
    3. First Three Months Pregnancy
    4. Fever
    5. Cancer
    6. Unknown Unidentified Un-researched Pains
    7. If You Have Albugo/Anbury
    8. Extreme Exhaustion/Bad General Condition
    9. Contagious Skin Conditions
    10. Infections like flu, cold, throat infection
  • For healing you can keep your clothes on.
  • It is preferable if you have washed yourself the same day or have common hygienic standards.
  • With a head massage it is handy to wear a loose clip or rubber band. Keep in mind that during a head massage oil can come in the hair, not that much, but still.


Terms and Conditions for Spirituality

  • I believe in a free will and will not say things that will exclude making your own choices. I can guide you, but I will not say to you literally what to do, I can give you advice and suggestions though.
  • I will not do hard predictions, I can look at certain situations and how they might evolve. Mostly you have to learn to cope with things as they are right now with which I off course can help and assist, and I leave up to your free will to choose what is in the end right for you.


Terms and Conditions for Sexuality

  • I don’t give tantric massages (massage of the genitals). The techniques I use are done by you on yourself when you are at home. I can advise you to do certain exercises to heal or evolve the process.


Terms and Conditions for Photography

  • If we might make original and creative pictures, I might ask you to use it in my portfolio. If you are agreeing with TFP (time for print), it means free service if I can use the pictures afterwards in my portfolio. For this you have to sign an agreement of release of the photo’s. Off course you will also get the unretouched photos on your USB stick.


Terms and Conditions for Payment

  • You can pay through paypal upfront, or afterwards in cash, if you visit the practice. If you pay in cash, keep in mind it is fitted, as I don’t have spare money lying around.


Terms and Conditions for Cancellation

  • You can cancel 24 hour prior to the appointment. If you cancel 24 before the appointment I can give your money back. Otherwise I reserved the time especially for you, and I cannot find anyone else to fit that spot. So please do consider to cancel upfront.
  • If you happen to become ill during the 24 hour before the appointment or something else happened, we can reschedule the appointment. In that case it was out of your responsibility, so it doesn’t cost you.